Our journey was an interesting one...

For years, we actually consulted accountants exclusively!!

    For over a decade, we have assisted their clients on every business administrative matter for small a businesses in the 21st century. Some business owners evolved and achieved great success. Too many failed to learn & grow, instead choosing to handle everything on their own. At the request of so many business owners, we began servicing clients directly. 


  We believe business owners require a single contact to assist them with all of the major administrative aspects of managing a business - allowing them to focus on what they do best.  These aspects include: Accounting & Bookkeeping,  Tax Preparation Consulting & Tax Filing, Time & Attendance, Human Resources, Payroll, and much more. Our talented team has been consulting small businesses for decades. We look forward to helping you drive your business forward and push it into OverDrive!

At  OverDrive Business Solutions, our main objective is to ensure all small business owners have all they need by offering complete business solutions. 

With decades of experience, our team is fully equipped with helping small businesses of all sized in the Central Florida area. 

Push into OverDrive