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Get back to what you do best

When opening a business, owners dream of doing what they love…and loving what they do.

Owners are GREAT at running their businesses:  law offices, professional services, crafts and interior decorating, construction, restaurants, more!  Where owners tend to struggle is with accounting, payroll and taxes.  We understand the struggle!  No one “dreams” of doing financial and administrative work.

At OverDrive Business Solutions, our experienced staff help business owners take back non-revenue generating time and get them back to doing what they love.

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What We Do for Small Business Owners

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly accounting numbers and activities should never be a mystery.  OverDrive Business Solutions makes sure business owners are never blindsided. OverDrives helps them leverage their financials to foster growth.

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Tax Preparation & Tax Filing

Experience matters & having a strategy to handle business taxes is just good business sense.  Overdrive provides owners with decades of experience & will develop smart strategies for handling taxes and preparing for any situation.

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Payroll Management Services

Payroll and Human Resources do not have to be difficult. The OverDrive staff has seen it all and we provide guidance as well as simplifying the HR & payroll process.

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Business Advisory Services

Business and strategic planning require data from a multitude of sources and can be complicated and time consuming.  OverDrive will gather necessary data and put together straight forward action plans that make sense and are attainable.

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More Services

You Need an Accountant You Can Trust

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Business Solutions are more than just accounting...

Your business has many different administrative facets to it. Assisting in one without knowledge of the other limits your potential and growth.  We can help you determine your goals and build a strategic direction to accomplish them all. Let us help you craft a complete plan for your success.

Take control of your time

How much is a business owner’s time worth?  OverDrive clients know how much their time is worth because we calculate it for them.  OverDrive believes that no-one brings more value to business bottom lines than owners.  Company direction and success is in each business owner’s hands.  By allowing OverDrive to assist with financial management owners can focus on:

  • Increased Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Growth Management
  • Product, Service or Process Optimization

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