• With OverDrive Business Solutions, you don't have to do everything on your own. 

    Have our team join your team. Let's build together.

  • A less stressful way of running your business is here.

    Every business owner works hard to make their business a success. Let us help you focus on your passion, while we do the rest.
  • Running a business is hard work.

    We're here to make your business  work for you.

Get back to what you do best

You're probably great at what you do, that's why you started your business.  Whether that is in the office or on the construction site, you've invested the time to be great at what you do. We get it.  Most people don't start a business to lose time to accounting, payroll, or tax. You had a dream to do what you love - not to do administrative work. 

At Overdrive Business Solutions, our experienced staff help you take back your non revenue-generating time.

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No more lost time doing non-revenue generating administrative work

Expert work from experienced & valued staff you speak to regularly

One place for great service with no 1-800 numbers or long holds

Business Solutions is more than just accounting...

​We offer more so you can be more

Your business has many different administrative facets to it. Assisting in one without knowledge of the other limits your potential and growth.  We can help you determine your goals and build a strategic direction to accomplish them all. Let us help you craft a complete plan for your success. Drive forward with us.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

You can't fix what you don't know. When it comes to your business, we make sure that doesn't happen. Never be blindsided and keep growing. 

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Tax Preparation & Tax Filing

Experience and strategy matter. We can provide both. With decades of experience, let our staff, get you prepared for any situation.

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Payroll & Human Resources

Payroll and Human Resources have a a lot of moving parts. Our staff has seen it all. Let us  guide and pay your staff simply. 

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Business Loan & Grant Assistance

                                                                      Navigating loans and grants with lenders or the  government can be complicated. We can guide assist you through process. 

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Business Entity Creation

Who wants to talk to the IRS, Secretary of State, and Department of Revenue? LLC vs S-Corp? Let our team assist with that process.

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Business Plan Creation 

 Many businesses fail before they even start due to a poor foundation.  Don't risk your business by building from scratch. Your competition isn't.

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Attendance & Time Keeping

Productivity is key to business success. Know where your staff is and when they are working.  

We can give you full control and awareness.

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Digital & 
Social Media Management

Engage with current and future clients to grow your business and expand into new markets.  Build your brand.

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Business Advisor Services

Putting together a strategy with all of your data from so many sources can be complicated and time consuming. Take advantage of our Business Advisor Services to get straight-forward action plans for your business. 

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